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Citation Management

Citation management tools guide

RefWorks Subscription Ending

The LIbrary's RefWorks subscription will not be renewed at the end of April, 2022.

If you are a RefWorks user, you can export your RefWorks references to Zotero.

If you have a large library, you may want to remove duplicates or irrelevant references before exporting.

Also before starting the exporting process, download Zotero and register to set up your free account.

Exporting Your References from RefWorks


In RefWorks, go into your All References folder, then go to Share and choose Export References.

Choose Export All References and choose a file format. Zotero will import files in standard formats such as RIS, BibTeX, or CSL JSON.

RefWorks will download the file; take note of where the file is located on your computer and of the file name. You may want to rename the file or save it to another folder to make it easier to find later.

In Zotero, choose File and Import.

A window will open which indicates you are importing from a file. Click Next.

Choose the exported file from your file browser.

A dialogue box will open; make sure that the following options are checked and click Next.

Screenshot of Zotero import dialogue box

Zotero will import the items from your folder into a new collection with the name of the exported file. All items will also appear in your library.

Zotero will not import your RefWorks folders; you will need to create new collections in Zotero and move the items to these collections.