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Searching the Database

The database is not like other article databases, it is designed to search the full text of newspaper articles across many news services. Please think about the natural kind of language that is used by newspapers when choosing your search terms. Tips

Change the date range you are searching

By default your search results will return the last 7 days

Change the dropdown to choose a different time frame to search

Change the countries / languages you are searching

By default you will be searching every news organization that Eureka indexes from around the world. You may only want to view Canadian news.

Change the dropdown to search for news from specific geographic locations

Search a specific newspaper

To search a specific newspaper, use the Advanced Search

Under sources, click the radio button for "source name". In the Available sources box, that will now appear, you can search for the name of the newspaper.

Check the box next to the newspaper(s) you want to search. At the bottom of the screen modify the date range, by default it will only search the last 7 days.

Video Tutorials

How to conduct a simple search

How to conduct an advanced search

Viewing results

PDF Section